Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Walter Kirn Slurs Troops

Walter Kirn slurs US troops

GQ magazine ran an article by Walter Kirn in the August 2005 issue reviewing the top ten books about war. Writing about Caesar's "The Gallic War," Kirn had this to say about the men and women in today's military:

"These incentives [loot & women-OPC] attracted society's ablest men, not just the cheapskate oddballs of today who want their college educations paid for in exchange for wearing uniforms as teenagers."


While I don't pretend to know the reasoning behind their decisions, I do know that my stepbrother and stepsister (both are MP's in the Army and have served overseas, he in Iraq and she in Afghanistan) are not "cheapskate oddballs" nor are they solely wearing uniforms in exchange for their college education. And after reading a lot of mil-blogs, I've come to the conclusion that most of our soldiers do not fall within these catagories.

I've since cancelled my subscription to GQ and have posted about this idiot Kirn elsewhere on the internet, with apparently no effect. If you find this as offensive as I did, you can email GQ here.


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