Monday, September 19, 2005

Nowhere to Go, Part V

Closed for Season II

We learned in Commissioner Tormala's email I posted this morning that the City has spent $30,000 on a PR firm to go along with the new $44,000 Information Desk employee. Perhaps the City should have saved some of that PR money: I was interviewed this afternoon by a Grand Rapids Press reporter and a Press photographer came to today's match against West Catholic to get a photo of us in front of the closed restrooms. In fact, as we were walking to the restrooms with the Press guys, West Catholic's coach came over to ask if I had access to the restrooms because one of his athletes needed to use them! The timing couldn't have been better if I had planned it. (Which I did not. In fact, City League coaches are required to touch base with each other before each match to verify the number of tennis players available, but both teams forgot over the weekend.) Apparently the reporter was directed to this blog by Commissioner Tormala. If the story runs, it will be in Tuesday or Wednesday's Press.


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