Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Goodbye, Blogger.

As of today, I'm no longer blogging using Blogger's software. I've imported everything over to Wordpress. You can find me at http://occasusparsclamo.wordpress.com.

While I've been frustrated by Blogger's interface for sometime (probably one of the reasons I post so little), the breaking point for me wasn't the software's fault.

You may not know this, but Blogger is owned by Google. While Google has been willing to change it's logo to commemorate many different holidays and events, for some reason Memorial Day didn't make the cut.

Now I'm sure the guys who run Google and donate lots of money to liberals and Democrats support our troops (you know, the men and women who make it possible for them to live the cushy life they do), and I'd never question their patriotism, but this really is the last straw.

Best thing about this move is that Wordpress is so much better than Blogger, it's ridiculous.


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